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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Products

By September 16, 2021 No Comments

If you’re a small business owner and you haven’t hopped on the social media bandwagon, you need to do so today. Social media marketplace services have boomed over the past few years, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns when most businesses had to function remotely and sell products through eCommerce websites. Using social media to sell your products can have endless benefits for your company, so consider these six different ways to sell your products through social media.

Run Giveaways

One great way to use social media to sell your products is by participating in and setting up giveaways. Usually, different small businesses that cater to the same niche audience will set up a giveaway that their followers would be interested in. For example, if your small business sells handmade jewelry, you may want to team up with business owners that sell beauty products, clothing, handmade art, self-care products, and other items that your followers would likely be interested in. When you set up a giveaway, usually your followers are required to follow each account included to enter. This will not only give your following and audience a boost, but hopefully, it will expose you to some new customers that are interested in your products. While giveaways do require you to give away discounted or free products, they are usually worth it as they help increase your sales.

Showcase New Products

Social media is a great place to launch and showcase new products. While websites allow you to post new photos and descriptions, social media allows you to post videos, updates, and sneak-peeks. You can even build anticipation by posting periodically about your new products in the weeks that precede the launch. As you increase the number of posts about your new products, your followers will become more excited about them. Rather than seeing your product once on your website and forgetting about it afterward, your followers will constantly be reminded about your products, tempting them to buy them. By using this approach on social media, you will increase your sales of new products.

List Your Products

In addition to showcasing and launching new products, social media is also a great place to list your current and past products. In years past, creative business owners have posted about their products and shared customer reviews. Now, business owners are actually able to make shopping guides on their social media pages, including descriptions, and can also sell their products straight off the page. Social media platforms have been rolling out eCommerce options to help people sell products easily. This makes it so your products are more easily visible to your customers and followers.


If you are trying to establish creative and innovative advertising, social media is the best platform to do so. Not only does using social media to advertise provide a gigantic reach to an online audience, but it also has many unique ways to advertise. You can create all sorts of posts including videos, highlight stories, polls, and interactive features, reels, viral hashtags, and more. You can also create your account, including your handle, bio, description, and saved highlight features to showcase your company’s goals and products. You can create personalized, stylistic advertising that will help boost your company’s reach more quickly than ever.

Show Behind-the-Scenes

A new social media strategy that can help you to sell your products is showing behind-the-scenes videos and details. These kinds of posts help intrigue and interest your customers, as they are able to see your production processes and appreciate all the work that goes into your company’s services. Creating behind-the-scenes videos usually shouldn’t require too much time, since you’ll be working through those processes anyways. Sometimes, these behind-the-scenes videos could even go viral if they’re especially interesting to watch. This can help grow your audience and increase your online sales.

Ask Your Customers

If you can market your products to your customers and followers, you’ll be more likely to increase your sales. If you know your customers’ needs and interests, as well as products that they want to buy, you’ll be better equipped to sell what they want. So, in order to increase your social media sales, ask your customers what they are looking for in your company and products. Set up polls and questions that they can answer on your social media page and you’ll be able to hone in on the products that will sell most successfully.

Now that you know the many different ways that you can sell products over social media, make sure that you implement them right away. There are so many benefits that you can enjoy as you add social media to your business tool belt. The sooner that you use social media for your business sales, the sooner you’ll see your audience expand and your sales improve.

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