E-Commerce Case Studies

Facebook Ads – 4.36x Return on Ad Spend

Nationally Recognized Clothing Brand

This nationally recognized clothing brand came to us with a Negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We guided them to 4.36x ROAS by implementing the following strategies:

• Using best performing adsets and variations
• Launching Instagram Ads (newsfeed + story)
• Launching DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads)
• Building and implementing a proper Bottom of Funnel re-engagement campaign
• Tweak the audience for proper hyper-targeting
• Building long-term audiences for Top of Funnel campaigns
• Launching an intricate Middle of Funnel retargeting strategy

Within three months of working with us, we were able to get them out of the negative ROAS and pushed it to 4.36x ROAS.

apparel shopify store

Facebook Ads – 9.78x Return on Ad Spend

Apparel E-Commerce Store

As we know, Facebook ads are not an overnight solution. It takes time to test, optimize, and scale for accounts to see results. At our third month with this apparel client, we struck 9.78x ROAS!
We implemented the following strategies to get these amazing results for this client:

• A full funnel build with proper implementation can work wonders
• Offers at the Middle of Funnel intriguing enough to bring back customers on the fence
• Solid abandoned cart email sequences to help increase the store conversion rate
• Proper pixel installation for building audiences

Facebook Ads + Google + SEO – $172k Sales

Shopify E-Commerce Store

A full marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to reach an enormous amount of your ideal audience in different ways. This is exactly what we did with this client and the results were just amazing!

• Our Facebook ads strategy allowed this client the ability to hyper-target their audience to grow their brand awareness and position them properly
• Using our Google AdWords, Display, and Google Shopping strategies, we were able to continue their brand awareness from our Facebook Ads strategy
• Last but not least, SEO captures the organic market. The searches with relevant keyword optimization to get their brand in front of their market in literally every way

Health & Wellness Case Studies

Facebook Ads – 4x Return on Ad Spend

Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Tired of relying on Billboards and Referrals alone, a prominent Cosmetic Surgery practice contacted us to help them attract new patients for SlimLipo through the use of Facebook Advertising.

Scope of work included

• Social Media Management
• Facebook Advertising
• Lead Generation
• Email Marketing

Campaign Results

• 4x Return on Ad Spend – Generated $54k in sales
• Generated 51 Leads for SlimLipo
• Average cost per lead for SlimLiipo : $84


Our team created a comprehensive Facebook Funnel to drive new patient lead generation for SlimLipo. This included a multi-step funnel with retargeting, a three-part email sequence, and automated text message alerts.

In addition, we also implemented a comprehensive social media management strategy to engage with current followers and attract new ones.

Within days of turning on the new SlimLipo funnel, the client began receiving high-quality leads resulting in a significant increase in patient consultations and booked surgeries. The client was extremely pleased with the results and continues to use this funnel to generate new SlimLipo patients on a monthly basis.

Facebook Ads + Google – Avg Cost per/Lead $51

Hair Restoration Practice

The client launched a hair restoration practice and sought out our expertise for branding, brand awareness, and lead generation to rapidly grow their business in a new market.

Scope of work included

• Social Media Management
• Facebook Advertising
• Google Advertising
• Video Production
• Lead Generation
• Logo Design
• Web Design

Campaign Results

• Generated 95 Leads via Facebook ($5,000+ average cost per procedure)
• Generated 40 Consultation Requests via Google ($5,000+ average cost per procedure)
• $30 Average Cost Per Facebook Lead
• $73 Average Cost per Google Lead
• 85% Increase in Facebook Followers

* 3 Months to achieve these results


Our team developed all of the branding for the new practice and crafted a comprehensive social media strategy that included blogging, social media content and video testimonial production.

Next, we created a Facebook lead generation funnel that would increase the number of consultations booked for hair restoration procedures. We also launched a Google AdWords campaign to increase website traffic and consultation requests and to compete with competitors in local Google searches.

Facebook Ads & Email Marketing – $2.15 p/Lead

Chiropractic Practice

This new chiropractor client received 133 leads at $2.15 each in just 4 months. Talk about an algorithm hack (in our favor of course)

Here's how we were able to get these results

• Launching a lead magnet to attract initial interest from potential local clients
• We created and launched email sequences to follow up
• Optimized the sequences for best variations in subject lines and copy
• Along with emails, launching a retargeting strategy to stay top of mind for awareness