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Being a freelancer can sound like a dream come true for people who are sick of working for one company and coming into an office every day. It allows you to be your own boss, but it’s not for anyone who doesn’t understand the responsibility that comes with that. These tips will help you get the best results from being a freelancer.

Know Yourself

Procrastinating is far harder to get away with when you’re a freelancer, because a day when you don’t get any work done could mean the difference between getting paid a lot or a little that week, given that you might not have a task in to a client on time, which can also hurt your relationship with them. According to GoFloaters, part of being a freelancer means setting your own hours and being flexible, but that means you may also need to find different ways to remain productive and motivated. You should aim to have a certain work schedule, whether it’s Monday to Friday or Wednesday to Sunday. A weekday schedule might work best if you have clients who work standard hours. If you have trouble feeling motivated at home, you might go to a coffee shop or a local library branch to have your motivation furthered by those who are working around you.

Finding Clients

You’ve become a freelancer because you have skills, be they writing, software designing, or another pursuit, that you know are strong enough for you to be paid a decent sum. For people to hire you, you need to expose them to you and your portfolio. Professional networking sites and social media can be a great way to explain your qualifications. You can also create more connections and receive more work by getting referrals to new clients from existing ones.

Financial Knowledge

Freelancing is different from a brick-and-mortar business or even running an online shop, but it’s still a business. You need to keep track of your expenses. According to Policygenius, freelance income doesn’t take out taxes automatically, so you’re bound to owe at least some money come tax season. Put aside money every week. You can also look for deductions, such as having a home office.

With more people opting to work freelance, you can find more information than ever about what this sort of career involves. As a successful freelancer, you’ll also be able to add good communication skills and juggling obligations to your resumé. It can take some time to get your freelancing career off the ground, but you can really feel unstoppable once you do.

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