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How to Use Reviews to Build Your Brand

By February 28, 2020 No Comments

Consumer reviews can have a significant impact on your business. Typically, shoppers make decisions based on other people’s opinions, such as by asking a friend about their experience with a particular product before buying. Online reviews work much the same, and they are powerful in that they can build or destroy a brand. Positive reviews engage customers and prove that your products are of good quality, meaning you’ll attract more traffic to your website. So, the more recognized and trusted a brand is, the higher the likelihood of making more sales. Here are some ways you can leverage reviews to market your brand.

Building a Reputation

It can be hard for potential customers to trust a brand that has not built a solid reputation. The best way to market your brand is by showcasing customer experience by sharing positive reviews on your key pages, such as the home page or landing pages. You can also seek your customer’s permission to share their names and photos; this can be a complete game changer because it can easily change prospects’ minds since they can tell you’re authentic and transparent. Alternatively, you can create an entire page for positive and useful reviews to be viewed by people visiting your website.

Asking for Reviews

Asking for reviews can be a great idea. Growing your company’s reputation with reviews depends on your timing. You can ask for reviews by emailing your customers and asking them to leave positive reviews on your website. Or, you can send personal emails to happy customers and request reviews. This particular strategy improves customer relationships because contacting them shows you appreciate and value them. You can use review requests to show you value feedback, showcasing company traits such as a desire to improve, being responsive, and valuing customer concerns.

Make It Easy

If your review platform is complicated, no customer will bother to leave a review, no matter how good the product is. Customers will not want to spend the whole day on your site trying to leave some message. Therefore, making the platform easier to access and use can encourage them to leave reviews. Similarly, make the review forms short and fun, and avoid overwhelming your customers with too much unnecessary information that could turn them away.

Keeping Track of Public Perception

Setting up a review page is a great idea. But if you’re going to leave it running by itself, then you’ll neither achieve much nor know what the public thinks of your brand. You need to follow up and understand what the public is saying to know what to improve. Customer demands change from time to time, so you need to keep track of your brand’s progress. Knowing the best timing to measure and adjust customer experience can help. You can also engage your customers to determine their perception.

Responding to Reviews

It would help if you made it a point to check on customer reviews of your products or services and respond to them. The best response timing is immediate. Whether positive or negative, the reviews need your attention because if you overly focus on only the positive ones, you may not know what the other side holds for you. So, ensure you respond to each review as it comes and ask customers publicly how you can help. Encourage them to directly get in touch with you to address any issue that they may be facing.

Make Customers Brand Ambassadors

Turning your customers into brand ambassadors can be a great idea to capture the attention of your prospects. Sometimes, it can get tough to entertain and develop informative content for your customers at the same time. The brand ambassadors can step in for you, and it can even be better because people will believe your brand. It can also make your brand look real and authentic.

Share Customer Experience on Social Media

Social media is known to be the most powerful marketing platform. With millions of users on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, people get to discuss brands and share their experiences. You can utilize this opportunity and share the best customer reviews on your LinkedIn or Facebook page. It can also yield better results if you add your customers’ pictures or names. But, you need to seek permission before sharing such details on social media. Another great way to attract more customers is by sharing video testimonials. At the moment, video engagement is a top trend on social media platforms, so it can be the best way to capture many peoples’ attention.

The best way to market your business is by letting people share their experiences. Customers are more likely to trust other customers than they will the customer support team. So, ensure you provide an up-to-date platform to enable customers to leave their reviews. On the other hand, ensure you deliver quality products or services alongside stellar services to make your customers happy and get positive and useful reviews in return.