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Why Your Social Media Engagement Isn’t What You Want it to Be

By September 23, 2021 No Comments

Being able to market yourself in social media isn’t always the easiest transition to make. There are so many different media platforms, and tracking your desired demographic through them all is an adventure in and of itself! Add in trying to represent yourself as an entrepreneur and business, and it’s even more confusing. Is your social media engagement what you want it to be? Is social media working for you, or just you for it?

You Aren’t Listening

The biggest issue with social media marketing is learning to listen to consumers not as you traditionally listen, but as your individual customers want and need to be interacted with on that platform. This varied for each platform, and then even more for individuals upon each. Different social media channels have different personalities and appeal to varied individuals. It takes a practiced eye and ear to determine which wants a long video, which wants a survey, and which wants a splash of sarcasm.

Source: https://www.exsquared.com/6-tips-for-listening-to-your-customers-effectively/

Uninspiring Content

Multimedia content has a 15% higher engagement rate than plain text. This means that you need to figure out not only which platform prefers which interaction, but how to inspire followers per each. Facebook, for example, offers the chance to do longform blogging style articles, but Twitter loves brief bonmots. Instagram expects specific lighting and focus in beautiful images, whereas TikTok needs you to be brief and clear. Figuring out what inspires each group is part of your goal as someone marketing on social media.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/mass-texting-service/

You’re Confusing

Your content needs to vary per each media platform’s preferences, and yet have the same personality throughout. This isn’t as tricky as it sounds, however, if you, or your brand ambassador, are honest and remain your true selves. If, instead, you have a mascot and need all of your brand to be in a specific character voice, that remains true as well. Those with theatrical training are particularly gifted at social media management!

Source: https://nextviewgroup.com/developing-your-voice-on-social-media-through-clear-messaging-and-authenticity/

Social media is a bit tricky to master, but whether with your own effort and training, or with the assistance of a specialist, you can do it! You need to strengthen your brand’s identity and figure out what your potential customers want to see in each demographic. You especially want to be able to listen to them and learn from them, with respectfulness. When in doubt, gratitude for the education is always a great balance.

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